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Ochs website the creators of this device have shown that video game technologies will be used not just for amusement functions its new development that relies on increased reality technology and pc vision algorithms can facilitate visually impaired folks navigate higher in area and live while not a wille or a working dog ox sight can fits these specific characteristics of every user and improve visual signals increasing image distinction brightness and different parameters required to understand the encompassing reality the developers haven’t nevertheless disclosed the value of this innovative development.


Mag Bulb.

Mag bulb this compact associated handy device permits you to exchange a bulb in one movement creating the replacement method a lot of quicker and safer magazine bulb uses the identical principle as magnetic adapters for charging devices a base wherever the magnetic water is screwed into the lamp whereas the alternative half is screwed into all-time low of the bulb permitting it to position them along in an extremely single movement because of the employment of metallic element magnets and bronze connectors the adapters give reliable contact and area unit utterly safe it’s value noting that the magnetic adapter is compatible with each form of lamps and luminaries the worth of the device is $15 – $20.


Vortex this machine recreates the physical sensations of the virtual environments throughout a video game or a motion-picture show, this will be doable by making air currents of varied intensity and temperature this allows the user of the machine to feel the cold heat or wind more as changes inside the climate of the virtual world because of its form and size vortex resembles a customary loudspeaker system you’ll connect it to any laptop and install it on the table next to the monitor using a novel technology vortex analyzers audio and video streaming in time period to simulate the proper environments you’ll be ready to obtain this attention-grabbing device for a$120-$130.


Quartz in contrast to different reusable bottles on the market, this one will maintain the temperature of the liquid and kill microorganism that accumulates inside the instrumentation over time it uses a intrinsical supply of illumination that kills all smallorganisms inside the water to start the cleansing mode merely press the button on the bottle cap when activation the lamp can lightweight for one minute and repeat the cleansing cycle each four hours you’ll be ready to recharge the device with a micro USB cable and when charging it will operate autonomously for up to a month as a result of the heat insulated walls quartz works conjointly as a thermos bottle it preserves heat for twelve hours and cold throughout the day the amount of the bottle is 525 milliliters and its worth is $60-$70.

Luda Case.

Luda case outwardly this device is kind of a dead ringer for a standard phone case the device factory-made from sturdy polycarbonate dependably protects your smartphone from scratches and doable harm from falling from a considerable weight on the rear of the box, there area unit many devilish components as well as 3 knobs in an exceedingly} very rotating disc inside the center a relief space and 3 metal balls area unit settled on the side of the rear panel for you to play beside your fingers in addition conurbation Case has its own application that enhances the devilish functions the value of this device is $20-$25.

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